Blogging for SEO: Things To Consider When Writing

 When implemented properly, blogging is one of many ways to improve your organic search ranking. It allows you to answer questions about your industry, establish credibility among your website visitors and include regularly updated content to your website. Here are a few things to consider when writing a blog for SEO:

Generate Unique Content

Search engines love new and unique content. They prefer quality information that provides answers to search queries. Blogs should be carefully planned out and designed with a purpose. The more specific and relevant your blog articles are, the more search engines will favor your pages. 

Write Lengthy Posts

Blog posts should contain at least 300 words in order to rank well. The longer a post is, the more opportunities search engines have to scan and understand what your content is about. It’s important to note that while long blog posts are ideal, readability is still important. Strong writing skills are essential to producing articles that are clear and easy to read.

Use Headings

Headings add structure to a page. They help people and search engines better understand the main topics of an article and in turn help improve your ranking. As mentioned above, search engines prefer longer posts, but the longer an article is, the more people tend to skim over the information. Including headings and subheadings allows you to break up your content and make articles more user friendly, while still including enough content for search engines to properly index.

Choose Keywords Carefully

Google handles thousands of search queries a second. In order to stand out and outrank other sites, it is important to incorporate specific keywords and phrases in your articles. Knowing the terms your customers are using to find you and using resources like Google Trends can help you determine which keywords will be the most beneficial for your site. Keep in mind, that your blog should be written for users, not search engines. Once you have chosen the keywords you want to focus on, integrate them naturally into your post.



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