How to Use Instagram for Marketing

Instagram has become one of the most popular and engaging social media platforms in recent years. Instagram is used as a visual tool for businesses. If you are a business that can produce customers by using pictures of your products or services, it is a good idea to explore Instagram marketing.

Switch to the Business Setting

Instagram offers a business account setting for companies who choose to use the app. On a business profile, it is more consumer friendly. Your website and contact information are more accessible on a business profile, which helps generate consumer interaction with your company.

Strong Profile Content

To ensure your credibility, be sure all the information on your profile is accurate. Do not leave out any information that your target audience would find worth knowing. Your bio should be enlightening, but it should also embody the overall purpose of your business. Your profile picture should be your company logo or an image that people can identify with your company.

Promote Your Posts

On a business Instagram, you can pay to promote or boost your post to other people’s feed who may not be following you. It is a way for Instagram to display advertisements, and still reach a target audience who may not know you’re on Instagram.

Use Hashtags

As you already may know, Instagram uses hashtags to connect users and their interest. If you use hashtags strategically, this can be great exposure for your company and improve the overall reach of your page. You can hashtag specific things that represent your business, things that are featured in your post, or a catchy campaign hashtag to use consistently. Most importantly, be sure not to overuse hashtags!

With over 700 million users, Instagram can be a great tool for marketing purposes. If you are interested in using Instagram as a marketing technique, Fox Digital can help you get started today!