Strategies to Amplify Your Email Marketing

Did you know that email marketing has a higher conversion rate than social media and search combined? With over 200 billion emails sent a day, email is one of the strongest marketing tools your business can use. Check out these tips to get started on an effective email marketing campaign.

Know Your Goals

Before you get ahead of yourself, you need to identify what your main goals are for your email marketing campaigns. When you identify your overall purpose for this form of marketing, it will dictate the direction of your campaign, who you are sending it to, the content, and the way you measure your success. Being aware of your goals will generate a high performance.

Create an Email List

To send emails, there obviously needs to be someone receiving them. There are a few ways you can create an email list. You can import a list of known contacts with existing customers or build a new list by incentives, website interaction, or subscription opportunities.

What Do You Want to Send?

There are a few options you can choose from when it comes to the type of campaigns you want to send.

An email newsletter is a great tool to drive your audience back to your website. It is perfect for one main topic of interest, and it can be used to consistently send out weekly or monthly updates. Another option is a marketing offer. A marketing offer is used to drive sales. It usually presents product or discount offers that people can receive direct access to through the email. Lastly, you can send an announcement. This is used to simply announce to your subscribers a new product, feature, or service that your business is offering.

Track Your Results

Now that your first campaign is out, there are two ways you can track the success of your email: a marketing tool such as Campaign Monitor and a website analytics tools such as Google Analytics. You should keep up with the numbers to understand how effective your email was and how many people truly interacted with it. This will also help determine your next steps and decipher what will work or won’t work for your next campaign.

Email is a very popular platform for marketing purposes. If you want to get started on using email as a marketing tool, contact Fox Digital today to get started.